Birth Chart

Calculation and delineation of the birth horoscope. Analysis and examination of the individual predispositions, talents, behavioral patterns, current life situation problems/possibilities. Discussion of significant current planetary transits.

Ca. 90 minutes, € 140,-


Solar Return Horoscope

Personal trends for the current year.

Ca. 60 minutes, € 95,-



You have a burning question?
For example: should I buy this condo? Is he telling the truth? Will I win this lawsuit?
A horoscope is drawn for the moment when I understand your question and situation.
No birth data is necessary.
Calculation and delineation of a horoscope for a concrete question with consultation

Ca. 30 minutes, each question € 40,-

It is possible to get an audio recording of the meeting as mp3-file.
Consultations available at our Grindelhof location, by telephone or Skype.