Eugenia Everett

born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Master of Fine Arts Dance History & Criticism
York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Certified Consulting Astrologer and Professional Member
National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), New York City Chapter
Professional Astrologers‘ Alliance

Astrologische Consultation since 1980,
in german or english language


Astrological Counseling

Private Consultations, Group Consultations, Therapeutic Sessions, Success-Coachings,
Business Counseling from 1980 – 1995 in New York, USA
since 1996 in Hamburg

Weekend Workshops each with 30 participants for Nivea “Life Lines”, “Beauty-Feng Shui”, “Beautiful and Vital” u.a.
1996 – 2004 in different German cities

2007 in Hamburg Press-Conference with German Beauty Editors (Brigitte, Für Sie, Freundin, Elle, Maxi, Petra, Vogue etc.)
“Follow your Sun Line to your best Vacation Spots”

2009 in Budapest Press Workshop together with Suzi Smith, NLP Trainer, USA for 30 German Beauty Editors
“Longevity und Life Design”; “Age Simulation 60 plus”; “Best Places for Later”

Weekend Workshops for Nivea:
“Where and How can I find Happiness”; “Where and How can I Stay Longer Vital”; “Where and How can I Reduce Stress”; “Where and How can I Best be Noticed”; “Where and How can I Best Unfold My Potential”2011 – on-going in Berlin and Warnemünde, Germany.