Where in the World? Where in the city? Where in the house?

The best countries or states for: travel, study, business, health, residence. Maps of the World, Europe, Germany, North America, or the country of your wish – included is also Local Space Astrology.

Within a city the best places to: live, work, shop, open a business, etc. Within a house the best place for: relaxing, studying, cooking, sleeping, etc. Help in decision making by the purchase of a new house/condo, location of a new business or the opening of a new branch. 

Transparency of your own personal astrological compass for use with a city map, house or apartment blueprint, in your work place, at a party, within a single room – anywhere!

including consultation ca. 90 minutes, from € 130,-

Partner Synthesis

Each person needs first an individual evaluation.
(Price € 130,- per person. Additional € 25,- for the synthesis of the two.)

Total price for Partner Synthesis = € 285,- 

Follow-Up Consultation

Astrological Location Astrology for current situations using Solar Arcs, Progressions and Transits.

60 minutes, from € 75,-

What is Needed

Your exact birth time, the birthday (with year), and the birth place. By small towns please give the next largest town or city (with Postal (Zip) Code). If you were born in a city, state or country whose name has been changed since 1935 please give the current name. N.B.: The birth time must be as accurate as possible. Please do not rely exclusively on the memory of family members, rather confirm your birth time from either the hospital or the City Records Dept. in the town or city of your birth.
Sometimes birth time can be obtained with a phone call or email, other times a fax or letter may be required. You must however specifically state that you want the time of birth. It can happen that the department may charge a nominal fee for this service. It all depends on the individual records department. An as accurate-as-possible birth time is necessary for an accurate horoscope delineation.

Where in the world?

Lacation – Where in the City?